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iOS Mega Pack

  Beat Maker 2 & NanoStudio presets + 16 bit mono WAV files  

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Fat Pack Combo

  The iOS Mega Pack + new fat collection of one-shot 16 bit mono WAV files  

Feast Pack Combo

  The iOS Mega Pack + Fat Pack Combo + the Obtainium Metallium bowed metal collection & MORE  


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You Can Take a Big Step with a Small Footprint

Quality Samples Don't Have to Come in a Bulky Expensive Library

We launched in December of 2005 with the goal of providing creative and royalty-free sample libraries to other composers at a painless price point. Currently we specialize in unusual percussion and drum libraries which are small on memory consumption so that you can quickly throw them into an MPC-inspired sampler or mobile device and create compelling beats on the go.

"I feel that any determined artist can use average materials and make something lasting out of them. That task can be simultaneously more rewarding and less hindered if the materials are above average to begin with. The sample packs I hope to showcase now and in the future are about bringing an intelligently focused set of materials together at a price point equivalent to the cost of a couple of beers. Think of them as packs of inspiration (much like beer!). I want to present materials that are pliable in the hands of true creatives who are striving toward both art and craft. One of the best ways to do this is to offer small sample packs that have their own flavor and purpose, the kind of spice your work needs. It's up to the artist to then forge more than that out of their own imagination."
Shane Sanders

Licensing Overview

Licenses apply ONLY to individuals, not corporate entities or production teams, and are not transferable. Additional seats of a license may be purchased at a reduced rate; please contact us for details.

Royalty-free license is granted to use purchased Sample Squad packs in commercial musical ventures except for inclusion in derivative sample sets or derivative products such as presets for synths, loop packs, or additive resynthesis "impressions" that borrow the sonic properties of the sample.

It is allowable and encouraged to include them in collaborative exchanges wherein archived projects need to travel digitally between multiple studios, such as in the case of providing loops or musical tracks for writing partners who live in distant locales. Basically, this means it's OK to 'zip up' your project with whatever samples you used in your backing tracks so that your writing partner can open your work and play along to what you wrote in your host's song file. It does not mean that your writing partner is free to compose with the samples. S/he needs their own license for that!

If any clarification is required, don't hesitate to contact Sample Squad for more information—we may be willing to make special graces for your situation or needs.

No redistrubution is allowed other than the scenario described above. Refer your friends to, please!

When you purchase Sample Squad products, you are putting money straight into the hands of the developer who made the samples—no middle-men beyond the necessity of Paypal. I appreciate your business!

Please don't illegally share my hard work. Thank You!


We're Cooking Up New Sample Sets Right Now!


Let us know how we're doing.

Product support and new product announcements will be posted at our official support forum within the community. Please join KVRAudio and interact not only with other sample artists but an entire range of Virtual Studio Technology enthusiasts from all over the world.

For private correspondence, you can reach us by email or postal mail:


Please put "ATTN: SAMPLE SQUAD" in the subject line of your first email to us and please set your spam filters to allow return emails from the address above!

or write to:

Sample Squad
c/o Shane Sanders
2609 Colbert Drive
Nashville, TN 37206

NOTE: Make sure you have added the following email address to your list of safe contacts so that the download information will not be flagged as spam:

Also, please realize that contacting Sample Squad from a different email address other than the one you used to pay us via Paypal will only confuse matters. We add your email address to our 'safe' list upon receiving your payment—using a different address heavily increases the odds that we won't get your communication or that we'll have to do detective work to associate it with the initial payment email. We simply won't know who you are.