Sample Squad's latest product is called iOS Mega Pack 1. Visit the Shop page to purchase, listen to the demo or to obtain more details.

In the past, we offered larger percussion packs of a specialized nature, but have opted to shift focus toward iOS-centric products. I'd like to offer a hearty thanks to all the musicians who supported us. Some of that legacy content is present in the new iOS Mega Pack 1 and some of it will never be heard again. We hope to bring you some useful and affordable new products in the near future.

Our Philosophy

Our affordable sample packs offer an intelligently focused set of materials at a price point equivalent to the cost of a couple of beers or a nice iPad app. Think of them as packs of inspiration (much like beer!). They are created using field recordings, experimental production techniques, synthesis, and traditional sound design methods. Listen to the demo songs featuring our samples and discover what we have to offer.

We want to present materials that are pliable in the hands of creative people who are striving toward excellence in both art and craft. One of the best ways to do this is to offer small sample packs that have their own flavor and purpose—the kind of spice everyone's work needs.