Watchtowers of the Immortal Chorus
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The Big Picture

The story takes place on a world called Thanatos, a spiritually advanced planet caught in a chess game between demons and angels who contend for the allegiance of all magic-wielding sentience in the galaxy. Among the major players in this struggle are two symbiotic factions of druidic practicioners collectively known as the Immortal Chorus.

This sect controls many watchtowers on a myriad of continents, all operating a global vigil for the signs that will mark a dark struggle to come among all free beings. Heroic men and women of a remote jungle island find themselves at the center of the first wave of demonic assault, and they confront the evil against incredible odds to save the entire world.

The Elevator Pitch

On a perilous world an evil warlord unleashes a mystical abomination to fortify his ambitions of enslaving the free kingdoms. This causes the Immortal Chorus, a symbiotic sect of druidic witches and their warlock counterparts, to embark on a journey to prosecute this heresy by exorcism. In the face of a looming invasion, these heroes are dispatched into the haunted jungles of Thanatos and face both natural and supernatural foes as they make their way toward a final confrontation with the ultimate source of evil in their world, the marauder-demon Gakk.

Micro Pitch

Heroes navigate a dangerous jungle river to exorcise a powerful demon before its savage cult gains a dominant foothold on their island.

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