Watchtowers of the Immortal Chorus
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I've been working on a piece of fiction entitled "Watchtowers of the Immortal Chorus" for years. It started out as a film script, then reality hit me and I knew the odds of seeing it developed properly were poor, so I began to approach it as regular fiction. As my desire to see this world I had been creating grew stronger, I began to consider the logistics of adapting it into a graphic novel or comic series. I still think this is feasible, but now I'm continuing it as a novel because there are some psychological and social issues I want to experiment with more deeply.

The work is a unique approach to the Wuxia genre, and because I am doing it solely for the intellectual and creative stimulation, I don't have to be commercial-minded or limit myself in any way. This freedom has allowed me to take a Tolkienesque approach to world building, and though my pitiful attempts at trying to formulate a consistent and fanciful scenario are tiny compared to Tolkien, I've tried to think through the cultural and historical issues that would affect my story. It's a huge job, it's a difficult process, and it may take me another ten years to complete (I hope not, though). But in the end, I am clinging to the hope that what I end up with will have some enduring value for those who love a mythic and romantic adventure tale.

I'm currently considering some type of licensing structure that would allow for a shared world approach, giving interested parties an opportunity to adopt the mythos that I've developed and explore new characters in what is truly a cosmic struggle on many worlds. There's a lot of richness to the grand backstory I've developed, richness that could easily serve AD&D campaigns or any number of creative endeavors. At this time I don't have the resources to publish the existing work in a protected manner, but this is still very much a possibility. If any aspect of this work catches your eye, bookmark the site and look for updates relating to this issue. Perhaps I can get a mailing list set up for direct notification of changes in this part of the work.

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