A final design should seem inevitable and immediately communicate its potential to our minds.

The quintessential manufactured object should be holistically realized, with a purity of rational functionality supported by aesthetic markers which are driven by context, creativity and immersion in the arts.

The things we make, whether physical or virtual, should speak to us from a distance, beckoning us to extend ourselves through their clear utility.

DRONEFACE™ is a private Creativity Lab. We're chimeric parts industrial and graphic design encased within a fine arts hive. Our goal is to refine ideas until they cannot help but break into reality in a useful way.

We believe that the creative disciplines have a role to play in forging communal bonds between people, enhancing both work and leisure. Gathering insights and innovating is what we do.

Currently we are focused on realizing advanced solid-body guitars. Our luxury instruments incorporate ergonomic geometry and world class hardware to produce not only a healthy playing experience but also a tonally rich sonic experience.

Our Valkyrie Superguitar™ is an evocative entry in the pantheon of stringed instruments. From bow to stern, the Valkyrie's specifications are an anthem to supercharged performance potential for the professional and passionate aspirant alike.

A limited number of instruments are built each year. Demonstrations and customization consultations by appointment only. Please contact us at experimentalmusician@gmail.com to make arrangements.


Gathering insights and innovating is what we do.

Mapping the Imagination™ in Digital or Analog?

Both! We think oscillating between digital and analog methods of product development enriches final designs because of the iterative refinements. Each process introduces a complementary perspective—like two points on a map representing a journey that transcends origin and termination.

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