B elow you'll find original musical compositions ranging in style from dark ambient to brief percussion ensemble pieces and also various kinds of rock-influenced instrumentals.

Please browse through the folders and click on albums or tracks that interest you.

With my music, I recommend starting with the Mythos percussion compositions or perhaps the instrumental entitled "Solve for X." Each Mythos track is named after a mythical creature and employs highly syncopated rhythms and exotic instrumentation, and the other track demonstrates the direction I'm concentrating heavily on right now: quirky surf rock. If you are open to musique expérimentale, I have quite a lot of compositions of this ilk for you to enjoy in the "Dark Ambient & Experimental" folder.

If you've visited this site before, you'll notice that a lot of music that lived here has vanished. The volume of material was overwhelming for folks to wade through, and also the wild shifts in style and production quality probably made it difficult to know what to expect from track to track, so I've decided to offer up only a limited number of pieces for now. Enjoy!

My main commercial creative interest is designing high-end guitars and other things at DRONEFACE, a private Creativity Lab—chimeric parts graphic and industrial design encased within a fine arts hive.

I've made a lot of art in my life. This is a collection of about 1% of it. Here are some of my paintings and fine art and some amateur analog photography.

For a while, I created audio sample products, specializing in percussion samples, both exotic and electronic. Visit SampleSquad.com to purchase a license.

I am also the producer and curator for an ambient compilation series, All Hallows' Eve. Visit the project website to download the two amazing albums that feature professional and serious amateur artists making creepy and experimental music. One day, this series will move ahead. Until then, come hang out with me at MAKE NASHVILLE Meetups or visit me on Pinterest where I hoard shiny virtual things that I find inspiring in some way...

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