B elow you'll find original musical compositions ranging in style from dark ambient to brief percussion ensemble pieces and also various kinds of rock-influenced instrumentals.

Please browse through the folders and click on albums or tracks that interest you. The super-evil widget will play the music in your Web browser (though it sometimes chokes a bit at first as data buffers).

Feel free to contact me via Facebook for licensing or other business matters—please include a message with your request so I'll know how I can help you, otherwise, I'll probably ignore the request if it's unclear to me what you want because of all the phishing scams and general tomfoolery going on.

I recommend starting with the Mythos percussion compositions or perhaps the instrumentals entitled "Solve for X," "Firefighters" and "Sioux Smoke." Each Mythos track is named after a mythical creature and employs highly syncopated rhythms and exotic instrumentation, and the individual tracks I've mentioned are indicative of the direction I'm concentrating heavily on right now: quirky surf rock.

If you've visited this site before, you'll notice that a lot of music that was here before is now gone. I think the volume of material was overwhelming for folks to wade through, and also the wild shifts in style and production polish probably made it difficult to know what to expect, so I've decided to offer up only a few selected pieces for now. Enjoy!

You may also be interested in my commercial audio sample products. I specialize in percussion samples, both exotic and electronic. Visit SampleSquad.com for demos and purchasing information.

I'm also the producer and curator for an ambient compilation series, All Hallows' Eve. Visit the project website to download the previous albums and learn about upcoming works.

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